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A few months ago, we expanded our  catalog with the new EndoLow® Peptones, low endotoxin level peptones that do not require ultrafiltration, developed by Biotecnica’s R&D department

EndoLow® Peptones are a new generation of peptones formulated to meet the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry in the production of medication, vaccines and other diagnostic products. They are an excellent source of peptides, vitamins and carbohydrates that boost cell growth in culture media.

The results obtained have been very positive, placing EndoLow® Peptones ahead of its competitors, and demonstrating that it is a revolutionary product for the industry. 

The first study was conducted to demonstrate that the EndoLow® meat peptone has better growth and improves the performance of ultrafiltered and non-ultrafiltered meat hydrolysates from different competitors. In this study, our R&D team focused on cell growth and cell viability data.

The second study was conducted on the EndoLow® casein peptone and consisted of demonstrating that the EndoLow® casein peptone has better growth compared to casein hydrolysates from different competitors. As in the previous study, the focus here was on cell growth and cell viability data.

By downloading the application notes you can check in detail both studies and the results of the EndoLow® peptones in comparison with other peptones available on the market. 

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