Biotecnica | Endolow Peptones – Improved alternatives to ultrafiltration.

Biotecnica has developed new Casein, Meat and Soy Endolow peptones with numerous advantages over traditional ultrafiltered peptones.

Endotoxin contamination has become a major concern in the pharmaceutical industry. Its presence in injection products can cause pyrogenic responses ranging from fever and chills to irreversible and fatal septic shock. Additionally, there is growing evidence that endotoxins can create a variety of problems for research using cell cultures.

Due to the many problems that these polysaccharide complexes can generate, ultrafiltered peptones were developed to remove endotoxins by filtration. However, the use of ultrafiltration to eliminate endotoxins also risks the removal of important macromolecules and growth factors. Consequently, Biotecnica has developed a new line of peptones with numerous advantages over traditional peptones.

Biotecnica’s new EndoLow Peptone products not only have low levels of endotoxins, they also maintain all growth factors without eliminating essential nutrients, improving cell density and the production of recombinant proteins in cell culture and microbiological fermentation processes. Additionally, by eliminating ultrafiltration, Biotecnica’s EndoLow Peptones are significantly less expensive than ultrafiltered alternatives.

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