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The new EndoLow Peptones have been designed to meet the needs of cell cultures and fermentation processes in the most demanding bioprocesses, maintaining optimal levels of amino acids, polypeptides and carbohydrates and minimizing endotoxin levels.


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Product Cat. No. Endotoxins level Protein expression Cell Culture
ENDOLOW® CASEIN PEPTONE 395 <200 EU/gr Yes Yes info
ENDOLOW® CASEIN PEPTONE CH 397 <200 EU/gr Yes Yes info
ENDOLOW® MEAT PEPTONE (BOVINE) 391 <200 EU/gr Yes Yes info
ENDOLOW® SOY PEPTONE 394 <200 EU/gr Yes Yes info
ENDOLOW® WHEAT PEPTONE 396 <200 EU/gr Yes Yes info
EndoLow® Yeast Extract 398 <500 EU/g Yes info

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