We asked¡ªyou answered! How did your fiancee propose? Did you understand it was going to occur or was it a total surprise? Listed below are your proposal stories gathered from our page and :

"I was about to propose to my husband and before I did, he got down on one knee and proposed initially. I was totally surprised, but he knew I was going to propose (because of his mother) so he made positive to ask me initially." Wand-erful Life-Bouquets

"We were on a trip cruise, having prepared for the captain's dinner. I was fussing about which necklace would look very best with my dress and Steve mentioned "I know what would look great on you." He pulled the ring box out of his jacket pocket and asked me to marry him. I was totally shocked. I got butterflies and started shaking. I nonetheless get butterflies just considering about it! Robbie

" I was entirely shocked! We went out for St. Patty's Day with all of our close friends (naturally they knew) and he gave out a bag to everyone, filled with entertaining St. Patty's stuff in it. But when I opened mine, there was a valuable moment in it having a small boy down on a single knee, holding a sign that stated "Please check 1: yes or no," and when I looked about for him, he was currently down on knee! Freakin' wonderful!" Shealyn

"It was our one-year anniversary of dating. outlet polo ralph lauren Mr. Daniel had talked to my boss one month prior to ensure that I'd be able to get off super early that day. As soon as I was off perform, my greatest buddy called and asked me to meet for coffee. It was spur in the moment, ralph lauren polo shirt but I did! She is really a makeup artist and was placing her portfolio with each other ralph lauren polo shirts cheap , ralph lauren golf so she asked me at coffee if she could do my makeup and take some pictures for her portfolio and I said yes! ralph lauren polo t shirt We headed back to my place and when I opened the door to my bedroom, there was a attractive silk Ralph Lauren dress plus a pair of Michael Kors shoes having a note that study 'Be ready by 7 pm. There will be a vehicle waiting for you personally.' My finest friend pretended like she had NO idea what was going on, so she continued to complete my hair and makeup. Then, at 7 pm, the chauffeur picked me up and began driving toward Dallas...I had no thought where he was taking me Till the location started looking familiar.

We parked by this lake that Mr. Daniel and I'd typically run at and also the chauffeur opened my door and told me to start walking down toward the bridge in front of me. I saw this man in the bushes taking pictures of me, and after that I saw the bridge¡ªit was fully covered with roses and candles! Then, as I was walking down the bridge, there had been notes he had written me. When I got to the finish from the bridge, Mr. Daniel came about the corner and handed me Far more flowers after which got on one particular knee and asked me to marry him. Needless to say, I stated 'YES!' The rest of our evening incorporated dinner in Dallas plus the man taking images was a photographer, who was there to capture the whole proposal." Lauren

"Complete surprise! Palm Springs trip for b-day weekend, and then below the stars." @rooneycj

Do you need to tell your proposal story? Leave us a comment below!

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