Those of you among the estimated crowd of 30,000 people today who attend the A1 GP race at Sepang on Sunday would possibly have noticed the Jobstreet.com tent put up in front of gates four & 5. From 10am till the minutes before the race commenced, volunteers - which included a few of us from AW - stationed in the tent were busy giving away freebies to holders of Jobstreet.com ticket vouchers.

Besides Jobstreet.com, other entities such as Proton and Mofaz also gave away a sizeable amount of free grandstand tickets to the public leading to an unprecedented turn-out. Past the turnstiles, the crowd had a row of Lotus cars to pose with besides the usual food and beverage stalls, which undoubtedly made a tidy profit.

The race itself was a disappointment, as far as Team Malaysia is concerned, having been undone not by poor strategy or driving, but by a technical mishap that sent driver Fairuz Fauzy into a confused pitlane who did not anticipate his arrival. This sent Fairuz hurtling down from 3rd place to 13th. Nevertheless, the man salvaged some pride with some very daring driving and overtaking maneuvers that sent the crowd to raptures.

Down but not out, Fairuz, consistently clocked lap times between 1:50 and 1:51, and slowly inched his way up the opponents within striking distance. Once up close, he attacked relentlessly cheap fake watches , diving down their left and then right. His tenacity saw Team Lebanon and Team Italy battered to submission, and considering the circumstances, he can actually be proud of a 10th place finish which he richly deserved.

Those of us at the Jobstreet.com tent were truly humbled by the overwhelming support from the crowd coming to us replica rolex . Autoworld.com.my and Jobstreet.com wish to thank you all for your support. We hope you enjoyed the race as much as we did, and see you next year.

Early in the day

All hands, man your stations!

Everybody pose in front of the Jobstreet.com banner!

This image was captured with some effortĄ­

This too..

Pit crews in actionĄ­ much easier to capture. hublot swiss replicas

Team Ireland takes the chequered flag.

Crowd applauds Fairuz, despite coming in 10th. Drove with guts.

Team Jobstreet.com leaving the scene.


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